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Through yoga, I aim to inspire and teach people how to connect with their bodies.

Kula Yoga is here to guide you; whether you’re new to yoga, already a yogi at heart, pregnant, have a child with special needs, or an injury or ailment you’d like to resolve.

I teach from the heart and Intuitively. Each class is slightly different, there is no right or wrong it is about your internal experience. Everybody is unique and every body has their own truth.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." 
The Bhagavad Gita

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By Emma Lapidus 05 Mar, 2017

Finding out I was pregnant was everything I had dreamed of - I knew once I found my soulmate that this was something I always wanted to share. I also knew that I was ready - I had fun in my twenties, traveled the world worked abroad, experienced cultures and people from all amazing walks of life. It made me into the person I am today. The adventure now starts again with my soulmate and our little miracle which we have created with pure love.

I know there are exciting and scary times ahead, even during the journey I became aware my body was no longer my own and everything I put into my mouth, on my skin, and into my mind was also getting shared by my growing baby.

After reading what some women go through during pregnancy - constipation, swelling, nausea, etc. I knew that my yoga practice and the mind body connection this brings was going to be a fantastic tool to help me overcome anything I was experiencing.  

I want to share with you my tips, experience and feelings. Remember while reading about my journey that this may not be right or resonate with you, so I share with love and light.

By Emma Lapidus 15 Jun, 2016
Is your heart open to love ?

I asked myself this question before I started my recent yoga training and I ask myself this question daily.

I thought my heart was pretty open, but really we can all surrender a little deeper. My training has opened some more doors for me, and being brutally honest - my biggest doubt is self love....

Learning to love yourself is a challenge many of us face every day, so maybe as you read this you can recognise traits that you have. If you are able to fully accept and love yourself, please share your wonderful tips with me.

We are all so quick to judge another but really when we do we are only judging ourselves.

I walked into this room full of lots of yoga teachers all there to fill their hearts up in some way. Everyone in that room had a story and not letting the ego creep in helped me realise this.
We had a very open sharing moment within the group and the people who you may have thought would have been the one who was that 'wonderful yogi' with it all sorted, was actually a gentle souls whose heart held pain and needed the healing.

It boiled down to "self acceptance " self love and healing what no longer serves the heart.

I am grateful for the earth angels I met and who touched my heart with there light and warmth. By sharing a bit of myself, and receiving back so much in return, I have been able to accept these yogis as friends in such a short space of time.

So, what keeps me loving with an open heart to myself and others? Keeping my practice regular.  

I don't mean just the physical but the rituals that fill us on a daily basis. For each of us this means tuning into what makes your heart sing - really consider what gives you that sense of peace ?

There is light and love everywhere. See it in everything. Take a moment to stop and see the beauty to appreciate this moment in life.

I write this as I sit on the train after my final day. Whilst walking back to station to travel home and watching the hustle and bustle of London I walk with a smile on my face so I could touch the hearts of others. I watched how the hard stares gently turned to a soft smiles in some cases. This small act of kindness to myself went a long way.

I also watched a beautiful exchange of love with a old man and a dog. A young lady was walking along with her dog, when an old man just stopped in front of her, got down on his knees and embraced this dog with love. The women didn't know what to do and stood there smiling. He then  got up and walked away.

There is love in everyone's hearts. We just have to know how to let ours shine.

And that's what I want to share in your practice with you. Going to the deeper layers of yourself and facing what it is. Holding that space for you to feel empowered in your body and heart. We all can relate to that feeling.

The journey for me is a daily one.

With Love x

By Emma Lapidus 17 Apr, 2016
My path to Yoga has been an interesting one. I have done a few jobs along the way while always teaching and practicing yoga - I then took the leap of faith to pursue my passion for teaching! 

I recently met this inspiring young lady  Elizabeth - who came along to one of my Yoga classes. Elizabeth was very focused and driven to helping young graduates find the right path giving them choices after coming out of education. I really wish Elizabeth was around when I came out of Uni:) 

Know anyone who may benefit from her encouraging ideas and contacts? You can check out her website   The Cool Graduate and read the interview she did with me and see what other awesome Grads are doing .......... 
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