My Story

Born and raised on the beautiful island of Jersey, my connection with the sea led me to explore my journey into yoga and wellness through my passion of surfing, love of nature and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For me, the rhythm and flow of the ocean has something quite magical about it and it's a source of endless inspiration that influences my own practice, understanding and teaching method. Practicing yoga on the beach is one of the most liberating and grounding things that I love to do and highly recommend It!

I immerse my students into a feeling of immense love, joy and self-acceptance for themselves, taking them on a journey of the body, breath and an opening of the mind's eye to feel and connect with the universal forces that uniquely resonate with them.
My yoga teaching career has spanned over 10 years and specialises in Hatha Vinyasa Flow as a dynamic expression of the truth of one's body and deeper journey into themselves. I am passionate facilitator of pregnancy yoga and understands the gentle nature of holding space for mums-to-be.

I also see that each person is unique and special in their own way, Yoga is for everyone. I offer yoga for the special Child.

I teach varying levels of yoga from beginners to intermediate and adapt my classes based on intuitively sensing the energy and on the individual students' needs.

I have taught in London, Jersey, Morocco and Costa Rica holding regular workshops integrating movement, dance and wellness from a nutritional perspective. My approach is compassionate, joyful, encouraging, empowering and gentle. It’s about the experience of each individual, encouraging them to listen to their bodies. My own spiritual practice influences my teaching where I integrate my healing touch and guided meditations to tune into the mind, body and spirit.


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” 

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