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Yoga for the Special Child supports infants, children and young adults with a range of condition including autism, cerebral palsy, down's syndrome, epilepsy, ADHD to name a few and other physical and development difficulties.

The benefits of regular yoga practice for babies and children with special needs are countless and profound. They include improved strength and flexibility; improved postural alignment, balance and coordination; improved breathing and thus better body function, cognition and self-regulation of emotions; improved communication skills, behavior, and emotional wellbeing; reduced hyperactivity; improved attention and concentration; improved sleep, and a sense of calm and inner peace. All contributing to a happier, healthier child!

2016 excitedly see’s Kula Yoga teaching a regular class of Special Yoga at Mont l'abbe school; I am very grateful to be able to share yoga, the power and joy of movement and breathe, with the children.

My greatest observation of how profound this work is, has been seeing the children connect with their bodies and discover a practice that empowered them to lead their own development and ongoing well-being and reach their fullest potential.

If you know of any children and families that may benefit from Kula Special Yoga please be in touch.

I offer  home 1:1 sessions 

"there can be no keener revelation of a SOCIETY'S soul than the way in which it treats its children"
nelson mandela 

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