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Gentle Flow Yoga

If you are new to yoga and want to learn the fundamentals, this will be a good class for you. We move through a slow, gentle flow that will be adaptable to your bodies needs.

Also great if you have been out of practice and want a gentle class that'll ease your body gently back in. There will be lots of work on stretching and alignment - ending with a short relaxation. 

Wednesday - 6.30pm for 1 hour @ Les Ormes 

Spaces are limited ... Prices £10 or inquire for discount deals

Alternatively, those undertaking regular sport or exercise will benefit from the long, slow stretches that assist in relieving tightness given at my rehabilitation class. 

During this class we will learn to work deep into the fascia and connective tissue to keep you flexible.  Great movement therapy for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Sunday 9am for 1 hour @ Crossfit Gym

Members or guests enquire with Emma.

Please email or text me to secure your place at any of my classes

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