Headstand Kula Yoga at the beach

Beach Yoga

Beach Yoga classes are our way of making the most of this beautiful island by practising yoga in the salty air.

Sometimes we find sunrise, sometimes we find sunset… we always find ourselves!

Yoga on the beach is both liberating and grounding.  My yoga & wellness journey started with the sea.The love of surfing, nature and a simple healthy lifestyle led me to dip my toes into yoga; & before I knew it I dove in headfirst! The magical rhythm and flow of the ocean is a source of endless inspiration that influences my own practice, understanding and teaching method. 

Kula BeachYoga 

Every Saturday morning (during the summer) at 9am

Every Tuesday evening at 6.30pm (St Ouens)

Jersey is a gem, an island of golden sweeping beaches and beautiful rugged coastlines… let’s go make the most of it! 

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit”
Edward Abbey 

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